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Mary J’s Melodies (and Other Quirky News Stories)

Germany, are you ready for the Next Episode? 

Snoop Dogg is investing in cannabis – yes, I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. But did you know he’s betting big on the burgeoning German market? The rap legend’s VC firm, Casa Verde, is leading a $15m Series B round into Cansativa, a Frankfurt-based cannabis distribution platform that currently stocks German pharmacies – but is poised to profit from legalization, which the new German coalition government has promised to deliver within four years. 

In a less obvious celebrity foray into the cannabis world, David Beckham-backed Cellular Goods launched its first range of products – five cannabinoid-infused creams, sprays and tablets, including a £79 face oil – in December. But, like many an England penalty, initial sales haven’t hit the target, according to the Times

We’ll have to see if Becks decides to drop the venture (like it’s hot).

It’s a spring thing

The vernal equinox is a big deal to me as it signals longer, brighter days and a return to a UK climate that is (somewhat) more bearable. And according to my (limited) research, it is also a big deal in the world of horoscopes.

Now, I may not be a self-proclaimed “stargazer” or necessarily believe in these sorts of things… but who doesn’t get a kick out of someone suggesting specific cannabis strains to align with your star sign and telling you to “take a few moments this month to appreciate the natural world?” Maybe I will Maeva Considine, maybe I will. 

I hope you enjoy this little detour into the world of the Zodiac. 

Chew your ear off 

Mike Tyson’s cannabis company is making edibles in the shape of an ear. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 

(And I mean that quite literally). Greg Baroth's recent viral tweet about Tyson’s latest launch has no doubt helped the gummies reach new heights of fame. And, according to one (I’m sure unbiased source), “These ears actually taste good!”

The gummies, called “Mike Bites” (yes, really), reference the boxer’s infamous 1997 heavyweight championship match against Evander Holyfield – you know, that great sporting moment when Tyson bit off a chunk of his opponent’s ear… Though some have called it the greatest marketing move of all time, others have called for Holyfield to get the proper credit he deserves (it was his ear after all). And I’m sure a good proportion of the population will simply find it distasteful (no pun intended) and move on.

Get Your Nerd On

Admittedly, this caught my eye because I’m thinking of heading to Croatia in my summer hols… But look:  A cannabis museum

I’m always on the lookout for new (especially, non-virtual) ways of expanding my knowledge on the green stuff. Well, what better way than a trip to Zagreb’s newest museum? Top picks for the itinerary: water bong exhibits, a display about the 1969 Woodstock festival, and a tent explaining the cannabis cultivation process (complete with live plant). The admission ticket can also (apparently) be rolled and smoked. Who’s with me? 

Celebrate good times

If you’re still on the hunt for unique ways to take part in the 4/20 celebrations, how about purchasing your very own NFT mural? 

Leafly has just announced their new pro-cannabis project in collaboration with local artists who have been commissioned to paint murals in Chicago, Portland, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. The murals will be available to purchase for $420 (teehee) and the profits will go directly to non-profit organizations fighting for justice and fairness in the cannabis industry. 

And remember to get in touch and let us know how you’ll be celebrating today! What does 4/20 mean to you? Do you have any plans, recommendations, or 4/20 traditions? I’d love to hear from you: [email protected] 

Mary J’s Melodies

Take a moment with me. Whatever you are doing right now, whatever it is you are thinking about, press pause. You can come back to that later. Sink a little deeper into your chair. Relax your shoulders. Take a full, deep breath. And get ready to listen to the musical stylings of Joe Patitucci – an artist working with the electrical signals produced by plants. 

Patitucci’s latest album, 420hz: Plant Music from Cannabis Plants, translates real-time data from the electrical variations in a cannabis plant into 420hz music. “There is nothing pre-recorded. This was created live, on the fly, with slight manipulation of the textural qualities of the lead instrument done by me in response to what I was hearing from the plant.” says Patitucci in the album description. You can learn more about the kit used to create these sounds, PlantWave, here. Or you can simply take five and listen to some sweet cannabeats with no further analysis needed.

Summer dreams

If you’re already deep into your holiday-planning phase of the year and wondering how to navigate all the different state rules on cannabis, fear not! The people behind Women Who Travel, a podcast series from Condé Nast Traveler, have got you covered. 

Read about their top tips for becoming a responsible cannabis-consuming traveler, from checking the latest legalization map to simply not driving stoned. They also helpfully point out some of their favorite women-owned businesses for your perusal.

How High?

Earlier this week, I stumbled across this review of the stoner-comedy movie “How High” and I felt compelled to share. I have not seen this movie (and I’m not sure I ever will), but, boy, is this review a trip in itself?

As the Collegian author writes, “We had no idea what we were getting into here.” You can say that again. Is “How High” just another terrible noughties film featuring some stoners smoking human remains? Or is it in fact a commentary on institutional racism? If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your views.

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