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September 2021 Issue of The Cannabis Scientist

Welcome to our September issue! Here, we take on a particularly thorny subject: the greenhouse gas emissions associated with indoor cultivation – as we find out why, in researcher Evan Mills words, indoor facilities are a luxury “we can no longer afford.” We also Sit Down With accomplished academic clinician Mikael Sodergren, who leads Imperial College London’s Medical Cannabis Research Group. And finally, we share contributor’s views on the medicinal properties of CBD, the benefit of automated testing systems, and foreign investors as a potential threat to African resources.

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Articles featured in this issue

Research & Development Adverse effects

Swimmers at Risk

| Phoebe Harkin

Cannabis appears to have detrimental effect on semen quality

Research & Development Pain

New Hope for HIV?

| Phoebe Harkin

Cannabis has normalizing effect on pre-stimulus gamma activity in PWH

Research & Development Adverse effects

Grin and Bear It

| Phoebe Harkin

Cannabis use may be associated with an increased risk of poor oral health

Testing & Processing Potency testing

Green Machine

| Toby Astill

Could automated testing technologies take the cannabis market to the next level?

Business & Profession Business

Where Corporate Interest Meets Community

| Louisa Mojela

Is Africa getting short-changed on its own resources by foreign cannabis companies?

Research & Development Terpene & residual solvent analysis

Dead on Arrival?

| Sponsored by Orion GMP

Why guaranteed product shelf life may be the most critical component of cannabis research

HPLC Method to Differentiate Four THC Stereoisomers: (6aR,9R)-Δ10-THC, (6aR,9S)-Δ10-THC, 9(R)-Δ6a,10a-THC, and 9(S)-Δ6a,10a-THC

| Contributed by Cayman Chemical

As the primary phytocannabinoid associated with psychoactive properties, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) is crucial to analytical Cannabis testing.

Business & Profession Profession

Dr (No) Pain

Sitting Down With… Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director and Academic Lead, Sapphire Medical Clinics, UK

Research & Development Horticulture

Welcome to California

| Phoebe Harkin

How history and policy is shaping cannabis cultivation in the Golden State

Business & Profession Profession

Green Tinted Glasses

| Sukvinder Kaur Bhamra

How a lack of training is dissuading patients – and healthcare professionals – from the benefits of traditional herbal medicine

Research & Development Horticulture

Water to Wine

| Phoebe Harkin

Meet the company challenging the concept of waste with a microbe-based process that converts organic material into fertilizer

Research & Development Horticulture

An Inconvenient Truth

| Phoebe Harkin

Veteran climate change researcher Evan Mills talks about his 10-year fight to expose the indoor emissions associated with carbon cultivation.

Research & Development Adverse effects

Do No Harm

| Phoebe Harkin

Could CBD reduce common cannabis side effects?

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