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Achieving Ideal Vacuum in Concentrating Extract Using a Rotary Evaporator

| Contributed by VACUUBRAND

Selecting the right vacuum pump for concentrating extract using a rotary evaporator to minimize process time and to help prevent product loss

Optimizing Extractions with Vacuum

| Contributed by BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

How to optimize your extraction process to achieve high yield, high product quality, and high throughput by using precise vacuum control.

QuEChERS Extraction of Cannabinoids in Hemp

| Contributed by UCT

This application note outlines a QuEChERS method for the analysis of hemp for three cannabinoids

Analysis of Pesticide Residues, Mycotoxins and Potency in Cannabis

| Contributed by UCT

Analysis of Pesticide Residues, Mycotoxins and Potency in Cannabis using QuEChERS Extraction, ChloroFiltr® dSPE Cleanup and LC-MS/MS

Producing Purity and High Potency in Fractional Distillation

| Contributed by VACUUBRAND

By combining precise vacuum control with a strong, reliable vacuum pump, the collection of fractions are purer and higher in potency.

Analysis of Natural Cannabinoids and Metabolites from Blood

| Contributed by UCT

This application note outlines an extraction method for four natural cannabinoids and the two major metabolites of Δ9-THC in blood using Clean Screen®

Filtering Winterized Extract Efficiently with the Right Vacuum Level

| Contributed by BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

Filtering winterized extract is a critical step in every extraction process. Done well, it can accelerate production.

Accuracy and Safety in Cannabis Lab Sample Preparation

| Contributed by BrandTech Scientific, Inc.

Deliver high-quality output and increase sample volume with BrandTech® Scientific lab tools to streamline the accuracy of your testing processes.

Quantitative LC-UV Method for CBD in Topicals with Simplified Extraction of Lotions, Balms, and Creams

| Contributed by Restek

A universal extraction method has been developed for the LC-UV analysis of cannabidiol (CBD) in infused lotions, balms, and creams.

Simultaneous Analysis of 19 Novel Synthetic Cannabinoids in Urine

| Contributed by UCT

A simple SPE procedure for the analysis of 19 synthetic cannabinoids in urine using UCT’s Styre Screen® HLD highly crosslinked polymeric SPE cartridge

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